White Flour - Is it good for you?

White Flour - Is it good for you?

On Tuesday''s I feature a question I''ve been asked through emails, messages, or on social media. This week''s question I was asked on my Facebook page.


"I''ve heard that white flour isn''t the best in our diets. Do you use wheat flour? What''s the best for baking?"


You''re right. White flour ISN''T very good for us, not at all. To clarify though, white flour is wheat, but it''s been heavily processed.

White flour has had all the bran and germ stripped off of the wheat berry. Then it''s ground down to a fine powder and bleached. This process makes the flour void of most nutrients and fiber, which in turn confuses our bodies when we eat it. It''s converted to sugar very quickly, causing a spike in blood sugar and insulin.

While whole wheat flour IS a better choice, there are so many options out there. You really want to decrease how much wheat and gluten you eat because it''s added in almost everything. Thta''s why so many people have gluten intolerance/ or Celiacs. Try Kamut, Spelt, Buckwheat, Brown Rice, Coconut flour, and Almond flour. I love the combination of Spelt and Kamut. You can replace any all purpose flour with those. I''ve also tried the combination of spelt, brown rice, and pearled barley. I grind them up myself so I can control how fine the flour gets.

I hope this answers your question! The best thing to do is to experiment and see what you and your family enjoys. Happy Baking!

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